The Boom Camera (BC) is a screening and data gathering tool for investigating threats in tight, awkward, and dark spaces. The extendable pole, steerable stabilized camera, and ultra-high resolution video and imagery provide unprecedented capability to public safety and military bomb technicians

Boom Camera Features

Live 4K Video

52 megapixel image capture ability

Real-Time Simulcast 4k via optional wi-fi

High Intensity White and IR Floodlights

Designed to be used with a bomb suit

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Key Sub-Systems


Optics (4x)
Full Color - Day/Night
Integrated Grip
Buttons and Steering
Built-in Display
Android Smart Device

Simulcast Display
Any 802.11n Device
Data Transfer
USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
Removable Rechargeable Batteries
110 AC wall or 12 V Car



The BC uses 4 individual 13MP camera systems synchronized to display and record video, and capture imagery that is used to compute a single 52MP image. Built in HDR and day/night capability guarantee excellent performance in broad daylight or dark spaces. Imagery can be enhanced with high intensity white or IR LED illumination.

Integrated Grip

The integrated grip enables operators to control the BC with one arm. The ergonomic “flight-stick” like grip and metal-detector like arm brace are designed for use in plain clothes or bomb suits.

Built in Display

Real-time video and touch screen controls for the BC are available on the built-in Android display on the grip. Touch controls are overlaid upon the live-video, and can be hidden to provide an unobstructed view of the 4k stream. Users can also change settings, like enabling or disabling Wi-Fi, and view the manual and quick-start guide with the display.

Simulcast Display

With Wi-Fi enabled, users can connect to an encrypted hotspot hosted by the BC. Any user connected this way will be automatically redirected to a live video feed simulcast from the system. For best performance, users should connect with a 802.11n (dual band) device.

Data Transfer

4K video and 52MP stills collected with the BC will be automatically transferred to the build-in Display. The user can then use standard Android functions to transfer data (e.g., USB cable, e-mail, etc.).


The BC achieves over four hours of battery life with three industry standard 26650 LiFePo4 batteries. The batteries are loaded into the grip similar to a flashlight and charged externally.


The BC batteries charge with a four bay charger that uses 110AC wall power or 12V car-charger power.