The Team


Deep Analytics is powered by Daniel Cote, electrical engineer; Anna svagzdys, Systems Engineer; and thomas hryckiewicz, mechanical engineer. along with the company principals, Phil Stimac and Greg hewitt, our team has decades of experience developing engineering solutions integrating software, electronics, and mechanical design.

company principals


dr. philip stimac, co-founder

Dr. Stimac received his PhD in physical chemistry, with an emphasis in computational chemistry, in 2004 from the University of Tennessee. Following his PhD, he did postdoctoral fellowships at the University of Michigan and the University of Montana. All of Dr. Stimac’s academic research was computational and involved statistical data analysis and the development of models and algorithms to simulate chemical and physical phenomena. For the last 8 years, in the private sector, Dr. Stimac has used machine learning algorithms to develop detection and classification models for prototype and commercial sensors. Dr. Stimac has served as a technical lead on a large number of computationally-intensive sensor development projects and has a strong record of successfully delivering compelling technical solutions to commercial and Government customers. As President of Deep Analytics LLC, Dr. Stimac is using his wealth of technical expertise to drive innovation for its customers.


mr. gregory hewitt, Co-founder

Mr. Hewitt received his M.S. in Computational Fluids in 2010 from the University of Vermont and his B.S. in mechanical engineering two years earlier from the same institution. Starting with his graduate school work, Mr. Hewitt has specialized in the computational aspect of mechanical engineering, innovating in the field of particle/ fluid interaction. For the last six years, Mr. Hewitt has been the technical lead for numerous sensor development projects that have focused on using computer vision and image processing techniques to develop unique sensing capabilities. Mr. Hewitt also has extensive project management experience, having managed multiple multimillion dollar sensor/ robotics projects and managing a group of 15 engineers/ scientists. As the company's chief technology officer, Mr. Hewitt is using his strong technical, marketing and management skills to drive the success of the company.